This book is about the people who believed in the legend.

I chose the title for the book “True Believers” rather deliberately. The real story of Hendricks Lake is not the legend alone, it is about the people who believed it fervently enough to put their time and money on the line in the hope of recovering it.

Texas oilmen who later drilled an oil well based on scripture. A Seagoville pharmacist who sailed around the world. An MIT electrical engineer with a patent for a device for underwater metal detection. A TV repairman who hung out with a man pretending to be Jesse James’ grandson. A man who proclaimed himself to be the world’s greatest underwater treasure expert who never got wet. Two tough Texas lawmen who made their reputations by busting up stills and putting their bloodhounds on the trail of any escapees. Oh yeah….and a pirate.

East Texas has never been short on “characters” and this group, bound by the willingness to try for treasure, is an exceptional collection.