No one still alive knows how it all started. And no one knows “the truth.” What we know is that there are many parts of the story that would appear to be true. . . that have some corners of the tale tacked down at some verifiable place and time. Ultimately they are only stories, but that is what makes this all so intriguing.

The legend has taken many twists over the years. The first documented treasure recovery attempt in 1894 was based on the belief that Santa Anna had dumped gold, silver, and jewels, By 1935, a full-page syndicated article fleshed out more details. . . including dialogue . . . for the most familiar version of the legend.

Many have pondered, many have believed, and at least one treasure hunter killed a man who doubted his efforts to find Spanish silver in Hendricks Lake.

1935-09-22, Abilene Reporter-News, p 17, Hendricks Lake bridge, lost.jpg